Canberra winters mean fog and icy car windows. It’s important to take the time to check and prepare your car so it’s safe to drive in the winter conditions:

✅  Use an ice scraper or pour warm water on your windows to defrost them (hot water can crack your windscreen)

✅  Allow time to warm up your car and demist your windows before driving

✅  Check your lights are working and use your headlights when it’s foggy

✅  Check your tyre pressures and tread regularly.

19th July 2021

Crime Stoppers launches cybersafety learning module to help teachers better protect teen students online

While the global pandemic has seen Australians of all ages turn to the internet to stay better connected, recent research...

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3rd July 2021

Know the signs

Would you recognise the signs of someone manufacturing drugs in your neighbourhood? Persistent chemical smells Chemical, fertiliser, empty pill or...

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