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A detective was frustrated by the lack of progress for an investigation into the shooting murder of a young college student during a service station robbery.

As no witnesses were coming forward, a re-enactment of the murder was shown on the local TV station. People with information were promised anonymity and the possibility of a cash reward if the information they provided led to an arrest.

From that appeal, a person came forward with information about a car seen fleeing the scene and to whom it belonged. Police acted on that information and two men were arrested and charged with the murder and a string of armed robberies less than 72 hours later.


Crime Stoppers operates in every Australian state and territory, with a locally based Board. A representative of each jurisdiction sits on the Crime Stoppers Australia Board which oversees our national approach and framework.

ACT Region Crime Stoppers was established in October 1998 and has operated continuously in the Canberra community since then.

In 2018, ACT Region Crime Stoppers and ACT Policing celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the program in Canberra.

As a registered charity, ACT Region Crime Stoppers relies on volunteers, donations and support from organisations and members of our local community. Our voluntary Board of Directors have experience in a variety of industries and professions.


It’s what you know, not who you are

This national campaign aims to encourage more people to share information about suspicious or criminal activity. Our information materials are available in English and eight other languages.

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