Wildlife Crime and the Law

Our Australian plants, animals and landscapes are unique and free from many pests and diseases found around the world and because of this Australian and state and territory governments are committed to protecting Australia’s biodiversity and economy through a range of strategies and legislation.

Australia’s animal, plant and human health will remain protected when individuals understand and abide by the laws created to protect these elements. As members of the Australian community, we all have a role to play and there are a number of ways that we can protect Australia from unwanted pests, diseases, and the illegal trafficking of wildlife.

This resource provides students in years 7-10 with the opportunity to explore what is meant by biosecurity, with a particular emphasis on wildlife crime; and the impact they are having in Australia. It explores the laws and measures that government are putting into place to protect Australia’s animal, plant and human health, examples of wildlife crimes currently being committed in Australia, and the role that can be played by individuals.

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