How to surrender and register a firearm, ammunition and parts in the Australian Capital Territory.

Unlawfully possessed firearms, unwanted firearms, unregistered firearms, firearm parts and ammunition can be surrendered without penalty during the National Firearms Amnesty.

In the Australian Capital Territory, you can surrender your firearm at the preferred location at the ACT Policing Exhibit Management Centre, Mitchell ACT. However, you may go to any ACT Police Station to surrender firearms, firearm parts or ammunition.

When surrendering a firearm in the ACT, make sure the firearm is unloaded and where possible, remove the bolt or other method to render the firearm safe. Your firearm should be placed in a gun bag or be wrapped in a blanket. Ammunition can be taken to the Exhibition Management Centre or to a police station at the same time as your firearm but should be in a separate bag, box or container.

Can I register an unregistered firearm or get a firearm licence during the amnesty?
You will need to apply for a firearm permit first, and if your firearm fits within the allowed category you can apply for a permit to acquire the firearm. You cannot hold onto the unregistered firearm while you are applying for a permit. More information about the permit criteria and application process can be found on the ACT Police website:

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