ACT Policing joined forces with the ACT & Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry and ACT Region Crime Stoppers in a crime prevention program
called BizSafe.

BizSafe aimed to diminish the risk of crime against businesses in the ACT by providing information about the types and prevalence of crime specific to that business type and area, provide the knowledge and skills to assess the risks, and implement the most appropriate strategies.

The BizSafe program was first introduced in the ACT in 2008 and was adopted from the Western Australia initiative. The success of this initiative has seen a large number of other jurisdictions across Australia embrace the program.

ACT Policing, in conjunction with its supporting partners including ACT Region Crime Stoppers, has reinvigorated the content and design of the program, and for the first time incorporated an online version which will be made available via ACT Policing’s website.

The enhanced BizSafe program follows on from the recent “Eyes on the Street” programs, in which businesses, ACTP’s Crime Prevention team and other major stakeholders share information and awareness to minimise suspected criminal activity.

Superintendent Kylie Flower, from ACT Policing’s Crime Prevention team, said the online enhancement of the BizSafe package provided more access, more readily for all key stakeholders. The package provides advice on such diverse topics as Citizen’s Arrest powers, preventing shoplifting, and fraud.

“Information can be a powerful tool in the right hands. The BizSafe fact sheets provide valuable information to assist businesses, which may assist to reduce their exposure to crime,” Supt Flower said.