A hand picks up a red puzzle piece in a collection of white pieces.

Every piece of information is important. Something which may seem insignificant to you could prove vital to an investigation, arrest and prosecution.

Your community. Your call.

You are encouraged to report to ACT Region Crime Stoppers if you have:

  • Witnessed suspicious or criminal activity and have safely removed yourself from the situation.
  • Recognised a person or vehicle of interest to the police.
  • Overheard a suspicious conversation, for example, plans for a crime or criminal gang activities.
  • Noticed repeated odd or suspicious behaviour from the same person or group of people.
  • Suspicions about someone else, a group of people, a property or vehicle.
  • Information about persons or incidents of interest to the police.

We don’t need to know your name, just what you know. You can remain anonymous.

Please do not call Crime Stoppers if:

  • It’s an emergency or a life-threatening situation – call 000.
  • You require police assistance – call 131 444.

For more information about who to contact for different situations, head to our Who to Contact page.

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It’s what you know, not who you are

This national campaign aims to encourage more people to share information about suspicious or criminal activity. Our information materials are available in English and eight other languages.