Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) ACT is a community based crime prevention program and has been a long-term partner of ACT Region Crime Stoppers and ACT Policing.

The NHW program aims to reduce crime by encouraging members of the community to watch out for and report suspicious activity to police or Crime Stoppers to deter potential criminals.

Neighbourhood Watch develops initiatives and educates residents on personal safety, encourages neighbours to get to know each other, creates a closer community and encourages residents to engage with local police.

For more information or to join a local Neighbourhood Watch group, visit the Neighbourhood Watch ACT website.

ACT Region Crime Stoppers and Neighbourhood Watch ACT have coordinated various programs and campaigns and often support each other’s activities with volunteers and/or resources, such as the Local Suburbs Awareness Campaign (LSAC) in 2016. A representative of Neighbourhood Watch ACT sits on the ACT Region Crime Stoppers Board.