Did you know wildlife crime is one of the largest direct threats to many of Australia’s most threatened species?


Illegal wildlife trade is big business, with organised criminal syndicates generating revenues of up to $23billion a year globally.


Help stop illegal wildlife trade by reporting information on animal trafficking to Crime Stoppers. Useful tips includes:

  • Information about exotic or native animals being illegally sold, traded, kept, or bred.
  • Suspicious activity relating to online buy-and-sell groups, pet stores, breeders, or local and online markets.
  • Photos/video of people removing or capturing native animals from the wild.

Provide anonymous information online at  www.crimestoppersact.com.au or call 1800 333 000.

28th October 2022

Next of Kin Cards

Did you know ‘Next of Kin’ cards are now available at all ACT police stations? The cards are designed to...

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24th October 2022

Mobile Device Ban for L and P Platers

Did you know there is a total mobile device ban for L and P plate drivers?   It’s already illegal...

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