We’re excited to announce the launch of our Wildlife Crime and the Law teachers’ resource –  the seventh theme pack in a suite of nationally available materials for teaching Year 7-10 Civics and Citizenship.

Our latest theme pack provides flexible content and lesson ideas, resources and assessments so teachers can select lesson ideas in any order to best suit the interest and needs of students.

Wildlife crime remains one of the largest direct threats to many of Australia’s most threatened species, and second only to direct habitat destruction.

The Illegal wildlife trade is estimated to be worth up to AU$30 billion globally per year and has taken its place as a transnational organised crime activity alongside trafficking in drugs, weapons and human beings.

That’s why we’ve worked with education professionals to develop a Wildlife Crime and the Law learning module for Year 7-10 students to help break the chain and empower our next generation of crime stoppers.

Find out more about this FREE teachers’ resource at https://crimestoppers.com.au/resources/education-hub/

12th October 2022

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