Make safety a part of the conversation you have with your children about going back to school. Here are some things to discuss:

  • Using designated crossings and looking both ways before crossing the road
  • Knowing not to walk or ride behind buses and in other blind spots where drivers can’t see them
  • Practicing road safety awareness and safe routes for walking or biking between home and school
  • Never talking to strangers and letting you or a teacher know if a stranger has approached them
  • Staying safe online and knowing what to do if they’re being bullied or teased over text, instant messages or social media.

3rd February 2021

Apartment safety tip

Living several floors up doesn’t make your home secure from intruders. Many high-rise break-ins occur by intruders climbing apartment building...

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26th January 2021

Happy Australia Day 2021

Happy Australia Day Canberrans! Look after yourselves as well as your friends and family. Remember to be sun smart, follow...

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