‘Outsmart the Offender’ equips Canberrans with strategies to thwart would-be thieves

It should be the mission every Canberran accepts, to protect themselves and their belongings from enterprising criminals. Today marks the launch of the ‘Outsmart the Offender’ campaign, a community-wide initiative that promotes simple steps to protect property.

The ACT Government, in collaboration with ACT Policing (ACTP), Neighbourhood Watch ACT, and ACT Region Crime Stoppers, is spearheading the interactive campaign with a bold Mission Impossible-inspired theme. It focuses on three key pillars: transport security, dwelling security and community engagement.

While the ACT has some of the lowest property crime rates nationally, vehicle theft and home break-ins can affect anyone. Canberrans will encounter the nine-week campaign through a series of web banners and short videos on social media and the ACTP website, each outlining ways to keep their property safe. They will also be able to see the campaign advertisements in public transport and retail centres.

“Property crime is a concern for everyone, and this campaign reminds us that we all have a role to play in keeping our community safe,” said Chief Police Officer Scott Lee.

“By taking simple steps to secure our belongings and staying vigilant for suspicious activity, we can make it much harder for opportunistic thieves.”

The campaign encourages Canberrans to:

  • Lock it or lose it: Secure vehicles and bikes with quality locks and alarms.
  • Keep out a break-in: Lock doors and windows, even when at home. Consider installing security cameras or motion-sensor lights.
  • Be engaged and crime-wise: Get to know your neighbours, watch out for each other and report any concerns to the police.

Minister for Police and Crime Prevention Mick Gentleman MLA emphasised the importance of community collaboration in crime prevention.

“This campaign is not just about raising awareness; it’s about empowering individuals and communities to take action and outsmart potential offenders. Together, we can create a safer and more secure Canberra for everyone,” he said.
Visit the ACTP website for more information, crime prevention tips and resources to discover how you can ‘outsmart the offender’.

PHOTO CAPTION 1: Chief Police Officer Scott Lee, Angela Di Pauli, secretary of Neighbourhood Watch ACT, Minister for Police and Crime Prevention Mick Gentleman MLA and ACT Region Crime Stoppers Chair Oliver Forrester

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