They’ll never know.
Crime Stoppers ACT and ACT Policing will be at the Canberra Centre on Friday 7 July 2023 from 10am onward to inform and educate the local community about illegal drug trafficking and how to report what you know.
As the nation’s most trusted crime information receiving service Crime Stoppers is pleased to once again be supported by the Australian Government to help law enforcement disrupt the supply of illicit drugs in the Australian community.
Contacting Crime Stoppers anonymously means the criminals will never know it was you who spoke up.

28th July 2023

Have you ever wondered…..What do we mean by ‘suspicious’?

A question we often get asked at Crime Stoppers is ‘what do you mean by suspicious behaviour or activity, how...

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21st June 2023

Crime Stoppers launches Drug Crime and the Law teachers’ resource to help break the trafficking chain

Australia’s illegal drug trade is estimated to be worth AU$11.3 billion per year. There are 9 million people aged over...

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