Crime Stoppers has worked with education professionals to develop a free online teachers’ resource, which provides engaging lesson ideas to help ensure the next generation of Australians understand the importance of being good and active citizens.

First developed and trialled in Western Australia, the tool has now been made available nationally and ACT teachers have access to it from 2021.

Specifically targeting Years 7-10, the resources are designed to help make the Australian subject of Civics and Citizenship more engaging. It provides flexible content and lesson ideas, resources and assessments, which allow teachers to select lesson ideas in any order, to best suit the interest and needs of students.

“We hope it will be an easy-to-use resource with visible connections to Australian curriculum codes, concepts, aims and achievement standards such as our democratic values, the Westminster System, our way of justice, participation, and our rights and responsibilities,” said Diana Forrester, Chair of Crime Stoppers Australia and Crime Stoppers in the ACT.

Modules cover the justice system, crime laws, law enforcement and the role of citizens in relation to crime including how Crime Stoppers can help.

“Australian schooling should encourage a sense of community engagement in students by increasing their potential to be informed, responsible, ethical and active participants in society,” Diana said.

The resource is available to teachers through Scootle, a national digital repository of teacher resources made available by Education Services Australia. It is also available on the Crime Stoppers Australia website and in downloadable pdf format. Education Hub – Crime Stoppers Australia

Later this year Crime Stoppers will add another module to the resource. Currently in development, the new module will be dedicated to online crime including false news, cybercrime, being cyber safe and being a good digital citizen.

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