What do we mean by anonymity?

Firstly, there is no legal definition of anonymity.

We value the information you provide much more than knowing your identity. That’s why we take measures to protect your anonymity if you prefer it, whether you use the online report form within this website or telephone the call centre on 1800 333 000.

Here are the measures we take to protect your anonymity to the greatest extent:

Telephone Default

  • No caller ID on the call centre telephones (i.e. no phone number shown)

Online Report Default

  • We do not have access to personal data. Your IP address, details of the computer you are using or your location is never recorded.
  • Recently, we upgraded the online protection in our reporting pages using the Tor network. This means that the report you submit passes through a minimum of three different global servers or nodes, each providing a separate layer of encryption before the report reaches its destination. Therefore, what is being transmitted cannot be intercepted, modified or read and the source of the document received cannot be backtracked.

In Australia someone contacts Crime Stoppers every two minutes to share information which is then passed on to police and leads to an average of 100 apprehensions every week across the country for a range of crimes.